Gary Baldwin announces Re-election Campaign for City Council in Ashburnham Ward

Dated: May 2, 2022

“Experienced, Accessible, Committed”

On May 2, Ashburnham Ward City Councillor, Gary Baldwin visited Peterborough City Hall to kick off his re-election campaign, officially registering as a candidate for the upcoming October 24th municipal election.  Reflecting on his second term on city council, Baldwin singled out his constituency work on behalf of Ashburnham Ward residents and a commitment to continuing progress on big issues facing the city of Peterborough as a key factor in deciding to seek re-election.

In this most recent term, Baldwin continued to distinguish himself as a strong advocate for his constituents, a constructive, collegial voice at City Hall, and a Councillor who debates respectfully with an eye on the issues.

Baldwin has made sensible and sustainable infrastructure improvements in Ashburnham Ward a key focus at City Hall.  Having successfully advocated for improvements to Ashburnham Drive and Otonabee Drive following his first successful campaign, Baldwin pushed Council this term to adopt an East Side Transportation Study, and to remove a proposed bridge extending from Maria Street over the Otonabee River to Sherbrooke Street, as part of the recently approved Master Transportation Plan.

Baldwin has also supported a variety of other initiatives including:

  • Council’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency
  • City’s new Official Plan
  • Ontario 55+ Summer Games in Peterborough
  • Investments in affordable housing
  • Cycling Master Plan Funding
  • Continued investment in the city’s Flood Control Plan
  • Ashburnham Ward traffic calming pilot project
  • Canadian Canoe Museum construction on Ashburnham Drive
  • Humane Society and Animal Care Centre construction
  • Capital improvements at Beavermead Park
  • Partnership with PVNC Separate School Board for construction of the new athletic field at Holy Cross Secondary School
  • Arena/Library and Aquatics complex
  • Source separated organics programme that is to begin in 2023

This upcoming term is a pivotal one for Ashburnham Ward and for the city of Peterborough.  The next Council will be asked to solidify a long-term plan for job creation and retention and post-pandemic economic opportunity for the city.  Council will also debate the implementation of the city’s new Official Plan, continued investment in the city’s Flood Control Plan, the proposed subdivision east of the Liftlock, and the implementation of the Master Transportation and Cycling Plans, all of which will help shape the city’s infrastructure and fiscal framework for decades to come.

Many sitting Councillors have announced they are not seeking re-election this fall.  Baldwin’s experience as a two-term Councillor will be a source of stability to the incoming mayor and new council as the next term begins and Peterborough charts its course on these key issues.  Baldwin remains committed to giving Ashburnham Ward residents a strong voice at City Hall this coming term, and says he is focused on ensuring Council strikes the right balance between necessary investments and fiscal discipline.


“It has been a privilege to represent the residents of Ashburnham Ward.  I look forward to continuing to provide accessible, timely-service to the constituents I represent.  This upcoming term is an important one for Ashburnham Ward and the city.  With your support, I look forward to continuing to bring a strong-progressive-voice to the council table on behalf of Ashburnham Ward residents.”

Quick Facts

  • Elected City Councillor for Ashburnham Ward in 2014 and 2018
  • Chair of the Waste Management Portfolio
  • Vice Chair of Finance Portfolio
  • Board Member of the Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Member of the Arenas, Parks, Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Board Member of the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority
  • Member of the Peterborough City/County Public Health Board
  • Commissioner at the Peterborough Utilities Commission
  • Retired elementary school principal and 41-year resident of Ashburnham Ward
  • Received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Studies from Trent University, a Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University, and a Master of Education degree from the University of Toronto
  • Former Coach/General Manager of the Provincial Jr A Hockey League’s Peterborough Bees
  • Kenner Collegiate Hall of Honour Inductee
  • Gary and his wife Debbie have two sons, Andrew, and Bradley, and eight grandchildren

Contact: Gary Baldwin, Candidate